Denis M. – Montpellier
imagele 3 février 2016

For me, facial acupuncture is an ideal way to give a boost to my face which is dull and distended as the years are passing by.

What I like about this alternative is that it is free of chemicals, no injection is done. It makes my body respond My sole body is responding to a « stimulus » which is comforting. Most of all is the relaxing and wholesome sensation I experience after each session.

Brigitte Dowsett. Henley On Thames, UK.
le 6 septembre 2015

Love this. Very relaxing. Instant results and completely natural. Unlike some anti wrinkle techniques this actually targets the ones you specifically have rather than a general area. Olivier is very professional and adapts to you and your needs very swiftly. I have had this procedure continually for 15 months and love the results.

Nathalie F. – Saint-Rémy de Provence
le 3 septembre 2015

I started the facial rejuvenation a little by chance: I’m in my late fourties, I work in the medical industry and I am a passionate pilot.

A friend told me about cosmetic acupuncture, its benefits, and effectiveness. I have always believed in acupuncture and despite the fact that I have only done a few cosmetic sessions it feels like I can not live without it anymore. Contrary to what I thought, it is not painfull and you hardly feel the prick even on sensitive area.

I find the sessions very pleasant, some me time during which I can relax. The effect is immediate; my friends comment about the fact that I look good, more relax and rested. My skin is much tighter and feel lighter and seems to go much further than one can imagine : it regulates my emotions take me to a state of well-being and brings my energy back

I highly recommend Olivier who knows how to immediately puts you at ease. He is very professional and meticulous I can only urge everyone to try, the results are fantastic. 100% natural, 100% delighted.

Valérie S. 
15 JUILLET 2015

I was lucky to be able to try facial acupuncture offered by Olivier … The result is remarkable!

After using some specific points ment to calm me, Olivier worked on my face: nasolabial fold, chin, cheeks, between the eyebrows, on the forehead and under the chin. During the session, I had the feeling of an immediate pulp effect. I looked at myself in a mirror after the treatment andI noticed was a smooth face, as if I had lost a few years. I even found the results to be better the next day. Three days later the effect were still noticeable. I could still feel the effect 3 days later.

Olivier carries his work with patience, calm a great attention to detail and one can tell he does it with pleasure and generosity. I highly recommend Olivier not only for his level of professionalism but, also for is cosmetic acupuncture skills that bear excellent results.