The treatment

What can you expect of a Cosmetic & Facial Acupuncture treatment?


  • I always start with a quick consultation. Knowing your sleeping and/or dietary habits can be helpful to me. Understanding your digestive patterns, listening to you and evaluating your levels of stress and well-being can determine the course of a treatment.
  • I will take your pulses and look at your tongue to evaluate your inner balance.
  • I will then proceed to clean your face and getting it ready for the treatment.
  • I will offer to use a topical numbing cream if desired to make the experience somewhat more pleasant.
  • From there, I will use different points on your body and insert a few needles on specific acupuncture points to help your body to balance overall health.
  • Once the numbing cream has done its job, I will start with the procedure.
‘I strongly believe that, in order to be effective a treatment has got to be as holistic as possible and take into account inner and outer balance.’

Tiny needles will be used and inserted, following lines and areas on the face that need to be worked on. Even tinier needles will help to work on the whole eye ares. Those needles are in fact, so small that they are being inserted using tweezers.

Slightly bigger needles will be added to work on muscle stimulation of the face and give a lifting effect.

Then comes the time to allow the needles to ‘work their magic’. There is a 15 to 20 min retention time of the needles during which, all you have to do is breathe, relax and let go.

Finally when this time is up and, once all the needles are removed, you will enjoy a face and neck massage of your face, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The whole treatment takes about 90 minutes the first time and the follow-up treatment about 75 minutes.

Please don’t hesitate to ask, should you have any question or concern by emailing me at: or by clicking here

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